What We Do

We Develop PRM-CRM Solutions That Enable Companies to Manage their Distribution Network

Brand Management Tools

At UpToMarket, our concern is your brand image and the importance of keeping it updated and active within your network. UpToMarket’s Brand Management Tools provide you with simple promotional solutions that enables you to share, distribute, and exchange information with your partners and their clients. Plan and execute efficient marketing campaigns with UpToMarket’s Online Marketing Tools, such as personalised websites for each partner or product.

Real-time Document Distribution

Time is crucial in any sales process. With UpToMarket’s centralized documentation center, the latest information, brochures, data sheets,and pictures are just a few clicks away for anyone in your network. Furthermore, this tool allows your network to share pictures, case studies and testimonials. These tools are easily accessible and can be managed with a simple user rights management system and approval process. With the UpToMarket Real-Time Document Distribution Tools, it is possible to centralize, share and update your business documentation with partners and co-workers.

Control Leads and Sales

UpToMarket’s goal is to assist your company and its network in the sales and marketing process to increase desirable results. With UpToMarket’s Leads and Sales Tools, forecast, analysis and lead tracking will be just a few clicks away. No more estimates, or long days to compiling information. UpToMarket is the solution. Know what your sales statuses are in a timely manner.