Channel Consulting Services and PRM – CRM Implementation Up To Market VARs Strategy

Here at UpToMarket our dedicated team is committed to helping your business accomplish its strategic goals.

1. Knowing your Needs, Business Goals and IT Set Up

Understanding your business needs and strategy, allows us to evaluate your objectives and IT set-up to choose the solutions and applications that best fits your business.

2. Dimensioning Project and Interaction With New Users

At this step, we will help you to determine the number of users, users profiles and let you know you about all the benefits of your new software.

3. Defining Implementation Process and Applications

Our consultants will help you define the planned implementation and integration process in accordance with your company needs, general goals and financial objectives.

4. Training Support Team, Leaders and New Users

It is very important that the whole team is engaged and participates actively in the implementation process. Our training strategy allows us to interact with each user and leader to make sure they understand how the software works and important helpful tricks about the apps and all the important features. This will help decrease training time in the future and reduce the impact of integration of UpToMarket solutions with the integration of other software’s and/or company workflow.

5. Accompanying the Implementation Process

Our consultants and support team are partners through the implementation process and we work together with the leaders of the process helping them to achieve the project success and company’s objectives.

6. Following and Developing

We want to insure your company’s success and to make sure that you are getting the best out of UpToMarket PRM system. Our Support Team will be in touch with your project leaders and IT Departments to insure we understand every detail related to the project and UpToMarket’s solutions. We know that each company is unique and has different types of needs, that’s why our Support Team is listening and is there to help you customize and develop new apps.