UpToMarket is the ideal cloud based Partner Relationship Management system, with integrated CRM software for companies who manage multiple partner distribution networks. UpToMarket’s Cloud based SaaS PRM provides you with online tools to manage your brand, track leads and sales, link dealers to clients, benefit from your partnership network, plan marketing campaigns, monitor sales reps activities, reports on lead status and much more. With integrated customer management software you can monitor both indirect and direct sales. Use UpToMarket’s marketing tools to help your organization implement profitable and cost effective business strategies. With our partner management system you can effectively monitor sales orders & forecasts to reduce in-process inventory and carrying costs. 

Control the Brand Amongst Franchisees/Partners/Dealers or Stores Maintain your company’s brand guidelines by giving your partner’s the right tools to promote your product Create and Manage More Lead Opportunities From and With your Partners, Stores and Dealers Offer support to partners, dealers and stores during the sales process Calculate Performance Over your Network of Partners, Dealers or Stores Implement a single portal that hosts all marketing assets, connects internal systems, and consolidates vendors ordering Automate Marketing Processes Streamline marketing, creative, fulfillment, distribution and approval processes to optimize marketing operations efficiency Reduce Operational Costs Save costs by automating marketing processes, streamlining your marketing workflows, and increase your web publishing strength Reduce Operation Time Reduce the marketing production time, offer your team the means to promote efficiently with automatic workflows and processes for written and visual content Employ Dynamic User Access, Workflows and Budget Management Configure users profiles to dictate the access to materials, pre-fill marketing templates, determine approval rights, and more