Features and Benefits

UpToMarket is a CRM and a Partner Portal Business Solution for Channel Management.

UpToMarket is a SaaS application with many features, including a CRM, a Partner Portal, Sales Management tools such as a Pipeline, a Websites Builder with SEO tools, a Documentation Center, Multiple Marketing Tools, and Statistics to help monitor your stores, dealers, partners and/or franchisees.

Manage Relationship between Partners, Dealers, Stores, and Franchisees

  • Improve communication with your dealers by using a real-time collaborative tool.
  • Share, manage, monitor and evaluate the performance of your dealers on each of your leads.
  • Easily access easily key documents and proposal documentation.
  • Track sales forecasting.
  • Generate your pipeline and sales reports with a simple click.
  • Centralize data generated through request forms such as warranties, special pricing requests, and more.
  • Collaborate on a social platform to boost your team’s proximity.
  • Follow up on sales and purchase orders.
  • Enhance your partner’s commitment.

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Collaborative Sales
  • Manage all your enterprise and dealers’ contacts with a single tool: keep track of your business contacts and benefit from your dealers’ contacts.
  • Enable your network to work together with UpToMarket’s collaborative sales tools.
  • Support your worldwide, national, regional and local sales representatives by giving them the right sales tools and information to beat the competitors.
  • Map out company names, employees, their jobs, functions, roles, contacts and profiles.
  • Identify the key people in your business with performance statistic tools.
  • Compile statistics on your sales team performance and their clients to better understand their needs.
  • Allow your dealers to share contacts, comments and documents on a specific project or lead.
  • Assign clients, end users, contractors, and collaborators to a pitch or a project.
  • Access your contacts’ roadmap: lead quantity vs. leads awarded value.
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Complete Mobility For your Business
  • Benefit from our sales representative, marketing, management, and communication toolkit.
  • Get mobile and allow your partners to access information from their Iphones, Ipads or Android devices.
  • Allow your sales network to access the latest videos, pictures, brochures or last minute specifications whenever they need it to present a product.
  • Give real time access to your partners so they don’t miss out on a lead opportunity.
  • Access your leads, forecasting, notifications, messages and notes.
  • Find a dealer on the map.
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Collaborate With your Network and Channel Partners
  • Share ideas, opinions and expertise on different topics.
  • See who is online.
  • Inform and post new projects, pictures or stories.
  • Get feedback on marketing ideas.
  • See what your partners, resellers and dealers really think.
  • Promote your brand within your network.
  • Help your sales point communicate with others to share information and expertise.
  • Reduce the load on your service hot line by using discussion treads and online FAQs.
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Create and Manage Impressive Marketing Campaigns
  • Efficiently distribute efficiently promotional brochures, pictures and videos.
  • Create customized new websites to assist your marketing objectives.
  • Analyze statistics so you are able to achieve your targeted objectives.
  • Produce new content for your website and publish it onto the selected dealers’ or products’ websites, all in a few clicks.
  • Enter new content in the easy to use UpToMarket content management system.
  • Modify content with a single click on several websites.
  • Build, execute and track campaigns in real-time.
  • Analyse customer data and share this information with your partners networks.
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Content Creation and Workflow Approval
  • Create multiple websites with our all-in-one content management Portal and Extranet tool.
  • Use your centralized documentation center to ensure that the latest version of any document is always online.
  • Create content and manage approvals with authors, editors, and collaborators.
  • Take advantage of our collaborative platform and content sharing system.
  • Manage user rights and permissions.
  • Share and publish content on every one of your websites or only the selected ones.
  • Efficiently distribute news, promotional brochures, pictures and videos over your network and sites.
  • Control access to files and modules of the software.
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Manage Keywords and SEO Marketing Hints
  • Optimise your SEO with the UpToMarket website builder tool.
  • Track search queries on your website.
  • Access statistics and reports on dealers, products, regions, and territories performance.
  • Create tags and/or tag groups
  • Associate specific keyword groups to your content.
  • Manage title, descriptions, H1 and other meta data with the SEO generator tool.
  • Determine your marketing objectives and adapt your content to generate target traffic.
  • Manage the same content in different languages.
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Email Integration and Discussion Threads
  • Synchronize your emails and reminders with Gmail.
  • Stay informed with our instant customizable notifications system; Monitor new leads, status changes, news, deals, filled forms, warranties, and more.
  • Invite collaborators to an email thread.
  • Manage email communication permissions.
  • Keep your networks informed with the latest business notices.
  • Flag important communications instantly.
  • Use a centralized  communication repository to access archived discussions and network information.
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Customizable Lead Management
  • Monitor lead values and sales performance cycle.
  • Offer support to partners, dealers and stores during the sales process.
  • Add information from your documentation center so the sales team can be informed all at once.
  • Create conversation threads to consolidate lead information.
  • Keep track of all the information exchanged between the lead participants.
  • Monitor products, market and geographical location for every lead.
  • Get instant notifications with the mobile and email notification tool.
  • Offer special pricing options and manage them with tracking tools.
  • Search and sort your leads with customisable filters.
  • Be informed of lead sources and know the distribution of your opportunities.
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Collaborate on Opportunities and Manage Quotes
  • Track opportunities and deals.
  • Increase the quality of your network’s proposals with collaboration.
  • Monitor all changes during requests for proposal and see history and communication threads for each leads.
  • Manage your collaborator on a specific bid or lead.
  • Share exclusive and dedicated documents with the lead participants.
  • Create working groups for special projects to increase closing quotes.
  • Choose a proposal leader for each bid.
  • Benefit from our secure access system to create project teams and increase your sales force.
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  • Access the network’s statistics in real-time.
  • Consult statistics generated by your dealers, partners, stores, end-users and employees.
  • Report and compare sales cycles to better evaluate performance and profits.
  • View sales, marketing and distribution network scores.
  • Help your local and regional sales managers to monitor their team with the UpToMarket statistics.
  • Real time analysis of your sales forecasting.
  • Monitor lead distribution based on frequency by territories.
  • Examine your websites’ performance and End-User profiles to determine your next actions.
  • Manage from any web connexion and consult your dashboard to monitor real-time information feeds.
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Recruit and Manage Partners in a Single Tool
  • Recruit new sales points by creating exclusives Partner Programs.
  • Customize your sales by territories such as country, states, provinces, counties.
  • Create exclusive relations with the salespersons.
  • Support your partners by collaborating on quotes and proposals.
  • Send real time feedback to your network.
  • Manage worldwide, national, regional and local sales representatives, partners, franchisees, dealers and stores.
  • Evaluate End-Users’ satisfaction with warranty activation surveys.
  • Distribute promotional items to your dealers, partners and stores.
  • Create contests to motivate partners.
  • Calculate time spent, activity frequency, last actions to improve your sales workflow.
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Collaborate and Distribute Files With a Powerful Web-Based Documentation Center
  • Give access to your partners to all selected documents from everywhere in the globe.
  • Collect documents and media content from your dealers, such as pictures, and share the best with your network.
  • Use a personalized naming convention to simplify document versioning.
  • Control access to important information and manage documentation distribution rights.
  • Oversee created content by product, market, divisions and applications with simple approval processes.
  • Manage user rights and documents distribution.
  • Share a wide variety of media files, such as videos, PDF, Word, Excel.
  • Tag each document and help your network to find the requested information rapidly.
  • Reduce documentation request calls and share a wide variety of media files, such as videos, PDF, Word, Excel.
  • Be notified with the messenger tool or through your emails of all new uploaded or updated document.
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Monitoring Security, User Activity, and Assessment Reports
  • Set specific rights for groups such as managers, store managers, resellers, etc.
  • Create groups with specific permissions, such as the right to publish, to view, to share information, to post information, and more.
  • Monitor time spent, consultation frequency and users habits in the database.
  • Flag unusual user behaviour.
  • Consult action and click logs.
  • Calculate time to process information such as leads.
  • See how much energy people invest in the sales of your product.
  • Identify the key people in your business with accurate efficiency data.
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Portal and a Multiple Website Builder
  • Use the UpToMarket Portal to share information with your partners about product and/or opportunities.
  • Create a Master Website with customizable categories and sub categories for you products, markets, segments, departments, and more.
  • Generate many websites in  just a few clicks to increase traffic and leads.
  • Set up websites and online marketing campaigns for special product launch or trade show events.
  • Personalize the look of each website with easy to use drag and drop tools.
  • Manage the geographic coverage of sales location with a business partner portal.
  • Collect leads from all your websites in a single recipient.
  • Filter contact and documentation request forms to identify the leads, and administer technical support request and warranty registration.
  • Access your documentation center and promote the right pictures, videos and marketing documents.
  • Gather search results from your website visitors and create custom content to further stimulate interest.
  • Manage your content in different languages
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Chameleon Editor
  • Build your websites by dragging and dropping objects into the page.
  • Link news feeds, slideshows, products, markets.
  • Use a simple content management system to publish information and promotions across several websites.
  • Build, edit, manage your  brand  and product with user-friendly content management tools.
  • No additional programming required.
  • Benefit of real-time page integration with tools that allow you to preview your adjustments instantly.
  • Customize color, style, look, position and size of your landing pages.
  • Collaborate with your team to produce effective content and benefit from an approval system to ensure that content meets your requirements.
  • Use IT department time and energy to operate on higher priorities.
  • Give autonomy to your marketing department.
  • Think, draft, review and publish.
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Track and Manage Dealers, Partners and Sales Opportunities with Top of the Line Pipeline
  • Forecast and manage sales over your network.
  • Monitor partners, dealers and franchisees’ performance.
  • Configure rules and conditions to screen business opportunities and sales forecast.
  • Leads are transfered automatically into the pipeline based your predefined rules
  • Filter the leads and create sales reports.
  • See regionnal, nationnal, internationnal and stores sales forcasting.
  • Consult and create official pipeline reports, and access them real-time.
  • Consult graphical reports to get a visual overview of your sales.
  • Get total amount of all your leads with the currency converter.
  • Rate probabilities and chances of closing.
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After Purchase Services Management
  • Get a quick overview with reports and a customisable dashboard.
  • Identify winning teams and collaborators based on successful deals and contracts.
  • Manage proposal and leads status: Won, Pending, Cancelled etc.
  • Evaluate your network service quality with warranty activation surveys.
  • Monitor installation fields reports.
  • Manage contact and deal score values to determine your next action.
  • Follow up on after sales forms.
  • View dealers’ performance, such as forecasting vs opportunities vs awarded deals.
  • Administer promotional items within your partners network.
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Promote New Products Within Your Network
  • Set events in a Gmail compatible calendar.
  • Post a release on the partner portal communication wall.
  • Inform your partners of major events in the news section.
  • Distribute all your information on a new product, in one click.
  • Send email notifications and reminders.
  • Monitor statistics and adjust your next actions.
  • Test before a product launch.
  • Involve your sales network in your next marketing move.
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Estimate Dealers, Stores, and Franchisees performance
  • Calculate sales and stores performance based on results.
  • Track dealers, partners and stores performance.
  • Evaluate sales cycles, targeted markets, departments, stores and products within a specific time frame.
  • Observe your partner`s and identify who, when and why have a high sales performance.
  • Know key salespersons within your distribution network based on results and sales.
  • Compare existing and new campaigns in different locations.
  • Review, collaborate and approve content and strategy.
  • Monitor traffic by customisable categories.
  • Assess your return on investment (ROI) and conversion rate.
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Convert Web Forms to Leads
  • Convert web forms to leads quickly with easy-to-use customization tools.
  • Manage leads and customer information coming from the web, based on your unique business requirements.
  • Use tracking features to see the source of each leads.
  • Combine lead management with a view of customer data to assess campaign effectiveness.
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Consumer Profiling and Performance
  • Keep track of leads.
  • Estimate client satisfaction based on your sales force, dealers, and partners.
  • Follow up on key people and top clients.
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UpToMarket Offers Online Support With an Exclusive Helpdesk
  • Use the UpToMarket helpdesk integrated approval process to approve ongoing development.
  • Follow up on questions, improvement, new features and bug report.
  • Request bids, improvements, changes.
  • Exchange information with our support team and keep track with the discussion threads.
  • Log on the UpToMarket helpdesk from anywhere in the world with any mobile device.
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